Make and Takes Monster Mania ebook
Give us a few cold rainy days and my kids will be climbing the walls
and snarling at all my attempts to cheer them up. So I’m stashing away the downloadable Monster Mania ebook from Make and Takes to help me out with a few easy craft ideas when crayons just aren’t cutting it.

fairly craft illiterate — I don’t own a glue gun and can barely sew on
a button — so take my word that this Monster Mania ebook and its 15 clearly explained kid-friendly craft projects will not send
you over the edge. You’ll find everything from furry monster feet to a monster memory game and even recipes for your littlest to
help make and eat. A preschooler could easily handle the projects with your help, while a younger toddler will just be happy running around in her new hairy monster hat.

Author Marie LeBaron ties a learning objective into each craft which
makes me feel super productive for spending an hour growling and
stomping around the house. And, as an admitted book freak, I love the children’s book reference list at the end, with loads of kid-friendly
monster books. It’s all perfect for those days when your little monster
is being, well, a little monster. –Christina

Download a copy of Make and Takes’ Monster Mania ebook for only $7.


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