JJ Cole Storage Bins
You know you’re a mom when you go from being a bag whore to a bin whore. But considering how awesome bins are getting these days, like the new cotton canvas storage bins from JJ Cole, I suppose it’s not a completely terrible transition.

These storage bins are a little swankier than your big store versions, with their brightly striped lining and metal handles, but they’re priced so you’re not spending your entire decorating budget on a couple of glorified buckets that will be stashing your diaper wipes and toys. And they really do look like they belong in my living room, even though they happen to be stuffed to the brim with the kids’ toys.

If you are using them to organize the nursery, there are coordinated accessories to match, from a diaper caddy to complete crib bedding. I must say I did find the hamper a bit on the rickety side, but I’d take another few sets of the bins in a heartbeat. -Kristen

Check out the nursery storage line along with other smart baby products at JJ Cole.


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