LEGO Guggenheim Museum
I always thought that LEGOs were cute for making walls and towers, maybe the occasional weird angular horses or something. I honestly had no idea that now you could make, oh, say…the Guggenheim Museum. Right in time for the NY landmark’s 50th anniversary.

The reviews on the LEGO site are really funny – “flet3her” complains of the Seattle Space Needle LEGO set that “the banquet hall at the bottom is barely represented” but for those of you not looking for a perfect replica, but just a cool gift for an older kid, or some seriously great design-geek objects for the bookshelves, I think they look neat-o. If not for the frugalista.

The Guggenheim LEGO set has a Guggenheim gift shop price tag at $39, but the LEGO Taj Mahal comes in at nearly ten times that. Personally, I’d rather save that cash and put it towards trying to see the real one. –Liz

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