Custom Converse Chucks
What’s cooler than a pair of Chuck Taylor Converse high tops? How about a pair of canvas Chucks that your kid gets to customize from the outer pattern down to the color of the shoelaces? I know! I am swooning!

The Converse website is really easy to navigate and you and your kids will have so much fun playing around with the “make it yourself” process. From gray skulls to pink polka dots, the 10-step process even allows you to print your kid’s own name up the back of each sneaker.

The price is also incredibly reasonable — each pair is $45, which I’ve easily spent on sneakers in the past. But know that Chucks tend to run a little big, so go a half size down when you order.

And, as if all this wasn’t cool enough, 10% of the wholesale price (so I guess 5% of retail?) of the CONVERSE (RED) series with the telltale red eyelet (shown), goes towards the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. Geeze, and I just thought they looked cool. -Betsy

Design your own Chuck Taylor Converse sneakers, and help (RED) in the process, at


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