child's birthday plateWhen I was a new mom, I swore that I would never make tableware “an issue.” I would stick with neutral plates and bowls, basic silverware, and my kids would just deal with it.


As it turns out, serving dinner on “your special plate” can make all the difference between that dinner being finished by your children or by the dog. And one of the sweetest plates I’ve seen is the child’s birthday plate, courtesy of past CMP pick, Aedriel Originals. It’s a cool little birthday gift for the kid who doesn’t need more toys, and guaranteed it will get you through more meals than the one that ends with a candle and a wish.

For something really special, you can get a personalized plate with  a child’s name for $10 more. You pick the color too.

Sure, I’ve always thought that simple white plates make food look better. But if lime green and hot pink makes it look better to your kid, that’s all that matters. –Liz

Find  personalized birthday plates from Aedriel Originals

Congratulations to Paula S., lucky winner of a personalized birthday plate of her choice!