Recycled cashmere baby hat and baby bootiesI’m going to be perfectly honest with you; in general the notion of putting cashmere on a baby seems absurd to me. In my world, babies and “hand wash only” are two things that don’t go together.

But now I humbly eat my words, having checked out Liza Taylor’s cashmere hat and bootie sets. First of all, ohmygoshsocute. Second, the materials are recycled — or upcycled, if you prefer that term. And third, this former Ralph Lauren designer may now be selling her creations at Barney’s, but she’s also donating hats to orphans through Warm Woolies.

Would this be an everyday set you run out and drop $80 on? Probably not, but it’d be an awesome baby gift for someone you really want to spoil as the cooler weather moves in. -Mir

Check out Liza Taylor’s recycled cashmere baby clothes at Happy Chickadee