Beba Bean Sweater Socx
With the cold weather here, my little barefoot-loving toddler is now being forced into socks and shoes. And boy is she ticked off about it. But I’d imagine the Beba Bean sweater socx will make kids like her a much happier camper. 

These mom-designed hybrid legwarmer and baby bootie are easily worn on bare legs, even in the warmer months, or over your little one’s pants or leggings now. The tight cotton knit and drawstring up top make sure that they actually stay up–

beba bean sweter socx
I was worried about that until I tried them out myself. Plus the suede bottoms give some traction for walkers.

Look around the shop for other beautiful baby clothes including some adorable new knit ponchos. But it’s the sweater socx I’m finding most irresistibly adorable (holy ruffles on the ballerina style!), particularly on a baby who is not screaming at you while you’re putting them on.  -Kristen

Visit Beba Bean for gorgeous knit baby clothes and blankets.


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