Buckwheat Toddler Pillow from HoneydumplingsWho ever knew that something like the perfect toddler pillow could be so instrumental in getting my daughter to sleep in her own bed? But that’s just what happened with the buckwheat toddler pillow from the lovely mom-run Honeydumplings and I’m giving credit where credit’s due.

Of course, we call it the “good dreams pillow” which might have had something to do with its magical sleep-inducing properties, but I’d imagine it was also a factor of how its made: The pillow is wrapped in a mat that’s stuffed with natural buckwheat hulls to just the right size – just as the site says, not too hard, and not too soft. I was worried about the promise of a soothing “rustling sound” from the hulls, but my daughter says that’s what she likes about it, so I’m sold. Plus it’s wrapped in a bamboo case so soft, it makes me wish it came in my size.

If you’re still thinking, huh? Buckwheat hulls? The Honeydumplings site has more on the crop than you’d ever think to ask, including how buckwheat doesn’t require fertilizer or pesticides and is naturally fungus and mildew-resistant, making these pillows a smart choice for kids with allergies.

Cool Mom Picks Pick of the Year badgeIn fact if you love the idea of buckwheat, you can get a lovely unbleached organic buckwheat baby mat too, the way the fancy babies in Europe do.

It’s the baby gift a mom will never know she needed – and then wonder how she ever lived without it. Especially if it means she’s getting a better night sleep now too. –Liz

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