Brooks Pond baby carrier coverWhen I had babies of Bjorn age, the Popopver saved my life. Or at least my winters. This fleecy, simple, mom-invented baby carrier cover was a great way for me to grab the kid, strap her on, and race out the door in the middle of January, without worrying about frozen extremities or stroller wheels stuck in a snowbank.

I still stand behind the Popover, but there’s another carrier cover that’s worth mentioning too–the Thinsulite-lined Metro baby carrier cover from Brooks Pond which is wind-resistant, water-resistant, and so popular with parents, they discontinued their other two carrier covers this year.

My local boutique is in love with this company; they claim their customer service is amazing and that they really stand behind every product. It’s super easy to get the baby into it – just slip it on. Really. You can yank the belts along the side if you want to make it smaller, and it converts easily to an infant seat sac when you take it of. Plus the little slit “pockets” on the side are inspired – they stay closed, but you can slip your hands in there to keep them warm or just to grab your baby’s feet and give them a little squeeze.

Now you don’t have to let a silly thing like winter get in the way of getting out and about with your baby. Besides, “babies in snowstorms” pictures are priceless. –Liz

Find the Metro baby carrier cover online at Brooks Pond and save 15% with coupon code cool15 through Nov 6, 2009!