Doll baby slings at Natural PodWhen I had my second baby, one thing that helped my daughter (then just barely two) was to be able to mimic the things I was doing so she could feel like she was “helping.” I still have awesome pictures of her little dolls in diapers that came up over their heads. They looked like Pampers with limbs.

If I had seen these adorable doll slings from our Canadian friends at Natural Pod, I would have been all over them. They’re natural, they’re cotton, they fit the 12″ handmade dolls at the shop or really, any dolls around that size. Plus you don’t have to worry about whether these slings are up to JPMA standards.

Now if those dolls were really going to imitate mommy they’d come with ripped yoga pants and breast milk stains on their shirts. Maybe next year.  –Liz

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