Felted cameo necklace from KnitKnitI was just poking around Etsy (I do that a lot) and I came across a link to the KnitKnit shop from Brooklyn artist Nguyen Le. And there I spotted this incredible cameo necklace and just fell in love. Or rather, it looks like a cameo, but it’s actually all needle felted by hand. Except for the chain part, of course, which is brass. How great is that!

So great that I ran right over here to share it with you. Although if I admit it, I was reluctant. Because it’s the kind of thing I’d want to get and then make sure no one else had one ever.

So okay, I shared. What can I say, I’m a sharer. But don’t make me tell you about the blue cameo necklace, okay? –Liz

Find the cameo necklace and more at KnitKnit