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Some of my favorite memories: Seeing Paris when I was 8. My senior year dance performance. Bungee jumping off a crane over the Hudson River. And they’re all saved on video tape. As in, not DVDs. And since we’ve ditched the VCR, there’s not much chance to relive the memories or torture my friends with them when they visit.

Pixorial is the kind of service you need if you’ve got an old skool media library – they’ll convert your VCR tapes to DVD – and also 8 mm or Hi8 or, yes, Betamax video cassettes – and film too – then store your photos, video and audio for you on their servers. It’s a smart way to preserve those memories (cassette tape doesn’t last forever you know) but even better, you can then upload your converted digital video back to your computer so you can edit your own movies to share it with the world.

How much would grandma love a long, tear-inducing video compilation of all your old home movies this holiday?

The basic membership is free and so are uploads up to 10GB if you just want to use the editing software, or send one of the free holiday ecards with your video embedded. But I say upgrade to the $24.95 membership for unlimited storage. The stuff they convert for you is extra, but not bad at all – $14.99 for a VHS tape. Or a Betamax.

You know who you are, you Betamax people. –Liz

Convert your VCR tapes and old media to DVD and edit, save or share them in free ecards
with Pixorial

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