My mom would like to get my 14 month old daughter a wooden nativity set for Christmas–something she can actually play with but something sturdy, cute, and made to last. – Cara

It’s funny you should ask this Cara, because I was just looking for one for my own kids. And fortunately for us, I found a few options that might work.

I actually ended up purchasing the Playmobil nativity set. Of course it’s not wooden, but Playmobil has a great reputation, and at $19.99, the price was right. Plus, it’s nice to find a set that my kids can put with all the other Playmobil sets they’re currently obsessed with these days.

For wooden options, try the nativity play set at Saw Dusted, which is handcrafted from pine and finished with non-toxic paints. It looks sturdy and just the right size for little hands.

But my my absolute favorite has to be the gorgeous nativity scene from Nova Natural (pictured). While this is more of a decorative set, it’s a beautiful keepsake with a price to match, and no doubt she’ll have it forever.

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