Nordic baby socks by TrumpetteI had my baby in February, which meant my son’s little toes needed to be kept warm. He was too young for shoes, and the baby socks I had for him spent more time on the floor than on his feet.  But the socks from Trumpette are known for staying on, and moms can’t get enough of the adorable designs.
Their brand new set of six Nordic Baby Socks are sure to brighten up even the bleakest winter day. And they’re soft and cottony, with just enough spandex.
They even make a set of tights in the same style for girls.

At $27 this sock set makes a great baby shower gift, or give it to your favorite new mom for the holidays. Who knew that the best stocking stuffer out there would be a set of stockings? -Betsy

Find the Nordic Baby Socks by Trumpette at Arte Bebe.