Loved my ginormous collapsible playpen / portable crib when the kids were little. Loved. Though I admit to doing a happy dance when I no longer had to lug that thing around to hotels and overnights at the grandparents. But because we’re still big travelers, when I caught a glimpse of the Tuckaire inflatable toddler bed on at the ABC Kids show, I jumped at the chance to take a closer look.

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In a word: awesome. Especially in these days of staycations and houseguests and single hotel rooms for whole families who might have once rented two. (Also, those rollaway beds always freak me out a little.)

Cool Mom Picks Pick of the Year badgeThe Tuckaire is similar to the inflatable Aerobed we got ages ago, with an attached electric pump that inflates it easily and super fast. But this one has features that make it smart for kids besides the smaller size. Like an inflatable “rail” on either side to keep small kids from rolling off, and the ability to just tuck sheets around the mattress in the center and still have the rails. It comes in a twin size too if you want a bed you can get more use out of in the long run. But my little girls loved cuddling together in the toddler bed at Grammy’s and word has it, they actually slept through the night. Not sure if I believe it though.

The bed is made out of a safer PVC that’s 99.9% free of phthalates, which was important to designer Scott Severson who’s a dad of young kids himself.  Evidently, he too understands the joys of getting a kid sleeping safely on the floor instead of in your bed, kicking you in the head all night.

You can find the Tuckaire inflatable toddler bed through the Shrunks website