Skip hop duo diaper bag
Do you have a recommendation for a favorite diaper bag for plane travel with two young kids? -PI

I used to travel alone with both my kids quite often, and even do it now that I have three (eep!). Personally, I’m all for bags that are easy to clean, lightweight (so no leather), and have lots of compartments when I travel, which is not usually the case for the bags I carry every day. 

I love Skip-hop diaper bags for travel, both the Duo and the Dash which is a bit wider. The canvas is easy to clean and they’ve got lots of pockets for easy access to extra binkies and emergency Goldfish. You can also attach them to your stroller bar handles, which is particularly helpful when your shoulders are already spoken for with tote bags and luggage.

You should also check out the Diaper Dude bags. They’re a less traditional diaper bag, and contrary to the name, they look great on dudettes too. Some of the styles are edgier than your basic ginghams and teddy bears, and if you happen to be traveling with your spouse, he’ll have no excuse not to take his turn carrying it.

Fleurville DJ Bag
I don’t tend to carry backpacks, but I have found that when I’m traveling alone, a backpack does make life easier. So take a look at the expandable DJ Bag from Fleurville (right) or the girlier Baby Kaed diaper bag called “Dhara” which are each way spiffier than what you’ll find at the local sport store. Plus the Dhara comes with a ton of extras, like a wipes case, wet bag, even a cell phone holder. –Kristen

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