japanese fabric shoelaces
Tween girls are often the hardest to shop for at the holidays – everything they covet seems to be a fortune (iPod Touch, I’m talking to you) and most of the inexpensive gifts are hopelessly disposable. But I think I just found a home run with the affordable Japanese fabric shoelaces at Spoon sisters.

Okay, to get technical they’re actually Japanese fabric inspired, but so what. The cool kimono patterns will make any pair of shoes stand out, at a time when girls are looking to figure out their own personal style and make their mark. And they sure beat the disco sparkle ones that were big when I was eleven.  –Liz

Find Japanese fabric shoelaces at Spoon sisters and get 20% off orders of $50+ through 12/2 when you enter code SMILE at checkout then click “redeem coupon”

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