Knuckleheads leather motorcycle jacketFor years we’ve been professing our love for Psychobaby, mostly because they make our job of finding edgier baby gifts ridiculously easy. And since they’re always updating their inventory with new, fabulous items, we decided to update our own category of Cool Mom Picks – Psychobaby picks at the shop with some of our favorite holiday gifts for all the cool babies and kids in your family.

My personal fave has to be the Schylling metal firetruck speedster, for which my son would completely flip. I’m also eyeing the Green Toys cookware and dining set for my daughter. Seriously, my love for Green Toys runs deep.

And yes, I know the Knuckleheads motorcycle jacket (pictured) is a complete splurge, but its coolness (and the fact that it’s on sale right now) makes it awful tempting. -Kristen

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