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We were dismayed when we learned that our friend, fellow blogger, and all around cool mom of three, Anissa Mayhew, suffered a severe stroke a few weeks ago which has left her hospitalized–but increasingly responsive every day. Known for her lively tweets and honest blogging, particularly about her struggles parenting a daughter with leukemia, we want to do what we can to help, especially for someone who does so much for our own community.

Thanks to Shop for Anissa Day, we can do what we do best!

On December 10th, her friends and colleagues are hosting a shopping day, in which generous businesses have offered to donate a portion of their proceeds from that day’s sales to the Hope for Anissa fund to stem the growing medical costs, and help support her three kids and husband, who has had to take a leave from his job to care for them.

If you’ve got a shop and would like to participate, you’ll be promoted and linked on their Shop for Anissa page, which will be furiously tweeted (by a LOT of people – trust us) throughout the day.  Plus it will just make a whole lot of people, including Team Cool Mom Picks, feel really warm and fuzzy about you.

And if you don’t own a shop, but like us, have a hankering for shopping, then make sure to mark your calendar. We’ll put up all the details on the 10th right here.  This is a day not to be missed. -Kristen

Visit Anissa’s site Aiming Low more information on how you can participate in Shop for Anissa Day or email And to read updates about Anissa’s progress, visit her blog Hope 4 Peyton.

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