The Lazy BakerNormally, if you were to call me lazy at this time of the year, you’d find a candy cane in a most uncomfortable place, but the kind people at The Lazy Baker are my new best friends for creating gourmet baking mixes, like their Gingerbread Cookie Kit, which saved me a bunch of time, effort and mess.

It’s almost like an elf came into my kitchen and threw together all the messy, dusty dry ingredients for all-natural holiday-ready gingerbread, and I didn’t have to crack a recipe book.
And we’re talking “real” ingredients like flour, brown sugar and spices—nothing funky or artificial. With a few of my own ingredients added, we had that amazing-smelling gingerbread dough.

Leaving nothing to chance, their Gingerbread Cookie Kit even includes a cookie cutter that my kids used to create the cute little critters, and a tube of white icing to add a little personality to the holiday cookies after they were baked.

It’s a quick host gift that doesn’t require wrapping–maybe just a bow stuck on top. Lazy Wrapper? Yeah, sure, I’ll own that. –Christina

The Lazy Baker All-Natural Gingerbread Cookie Kit is available at Foodzie.

And for another gingerbread cookie “cheat,” check out the limited edition ready-to-bake organic gingerbread spice cookie dough from CMP fave Immaculate Baking Co