Whiplash ScooterWhen the makers of the popular Wave skateboard asked me to send their much buzzed-about new Whiplash Scooter for a test drive, I was like uh…not on your life. But I have a 12 year-old nephew named Brodie who I knew could give me the scoop since that’s who should be riding these crazy things in the first place, and not 40-something moms with strong self-preservation instincts.

His eloquent sixth-grade verdict? “It’s very fun!”

And this from a kid who tried the Wave skateboard once but could barely get on it.

After hearing him rave about it, it’s not surprising that the Whiplash scooter is one of the hottest new toys of the season–so hot that it made it into our Holiday Gift Guide as a great idea for your hip tween nephew. Unlike a regular scooter, the base has an elongated figure-eight shape, and the wheels rotate in every direction making for faster cornering. Yet the ride is extremely smooth, and according to Brodie, it goes fast enough that he wishes it had a brake so he didn’t risk wearing down his shoes skidding to a stop. That’s how it lost a half star in his five-star rating system. But otherwise? “It’s very fun!”

In fact he taught his 7-year-old cousin how to ride it and now she hardly wants to hand it back. Which means I may need to pick up a couple more before Christmas. –Liz

Find the new Whiplash Scooter from Street Surfing in stores like FAO Schwartz, or online from our affiliate Amazon