It seems impossible to me that I’ll one day have a teen or two whom I’ll allow to roam the world somewhat freely, but the truth is that teenagerhood will be entering my house very, very soon. Hold me.

Vanessa Van Petten has been helping parents communicate with their teens since she herself was one, and it’s no surprise that iCurfew comes from her excellent resource site for parents from a kid’s POV, Radical Parenting. iCurfew is the best of all possible worlds; it allows teens to check in with parents easily (a couple of clicks and your location and a check-in email are sent) without a prolonged conversation, and it allows parents to know that the kid is really where she says she is.

No power struggles, no worrying–just a super-easy 99-cent system for putting your mind at ease and giving your child a bit more freedom. Brilliant. -Mir

Get your copy of iCurfew from the iTunes Store.

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