Chronicle's A Nutty Nutcracker Christmas
We’ve amassed quite the collection of Christmas-themed picture books, but I’m always on the lookout for cool new titles to replace some of the ones we were given when the kids were little (I’m looking at you, Strawberry Shortcake’s Berry Merry Christmas).

Perennial CMP favorite publisher, and beloved 2009 Holiday Gift Guide sponsor, Chronicle Books, has just released the new A Nutty Nutcracker Christmas which looks like it will make a lovely addition to our collection of holiday stories.

With a whimsical new spin on the original tale (you know, a girl, her prince, and a whole lot of candy) A Nutty Nutcracker Christmas is co-written by kindie rock darling Ralph Covert and really nicely illustrated. It also comes with a companion CD, so the kids can amuse themselves with the book while I try to finish addressing Christmas cards before 2010. –Christina

Order A Nutty Nutcracker Christmas from Chronicle Books or our affiliate Amazon now to get it under the tree in time for Christmas. And be sure to check out our Holiday Gift Guide to find out how you can win a $250 assortment of books from Chronicle.


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