Time for Lunch Campaign - improve school lunches
Next month Congress is going to be revisiting school meal program guidelines, and the more parents and kids they hear from before they do so, the greater the chance that our schools will have real food (what a concept) to offer our children. That includes my own district, which has such frightening food options I don’t let my kids buy school lunches.

Slow Food USA, an org we all completely adore, is behind the Time for Lunch Campaign, and you can get involved–write your Congresspeople, sign the online petition, or help organize an action like an eat-in. (Now there’s a bit of politics I find appetizing). Let Congress know that they need to put more money into school nutrition, so that the food in front of our kids is good for them and the farmers who supply it.

Maybe you feel like you alone can’t make a difference, but together this stuff adds up. And if you can think of something more important than child nutrition, I’d love to know what it is.

Barring that, remember: If school food improves, you can maybe stop packing lunches every morning. -Mir

Join Slow Food USA in making sure that Congress makes Time For Lunch.


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