Loloko Shop
I confessed my serious addiction to Japanese cute when I told you about
Momiji dolls, so please cut me some slack if I seem a little gushy when
talking about Loloko Shop. This little Northern California shop does
cute right with little trinkets, home items and office supplies. And
the frugalista in me loves that nothing in the shop costs more than
$12, meaning things are priced right for kids–and for adults who could do
without a credit card hangover.

Opened back in 2006, owner Laura
(“Lolo”) fell in love with Japanese kawaii during her two years spent
living in the country. She stocks her shop with goods from Japan’s
Decole, a company whose adorable-yet-useful products aren’t always easy
to find here, especially if you don’t read Japanese.

I could easily scoop up one of everything, I’m especially taken by the darling little
mushroom cloth pouches, happy snail pocket mirrors and colorful mushroom magnets (shown). And, I may have to grab a “Merci”
which will make my
old-fashioned insistence that the kids write thank-you notes a bit more
fun to do. I may even give them a hand. -Christina

Check out all the Japanese cute at Loloko Shop.

[via Junior Society]

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