To Haiti with Love auction
What happens when some of the most creative bloggers set their minds to raising money for Haiti? Only an auction filled with incredible artwork, handmade toys, clothing, and plenty more we’d like to own even without knowing all the proceeds are going to a cause that’s near and dear to all of our hearts right now.

Proceeds from the To Haiti with Love auction, coordinated by one of my all-time favorite bloggers, Kate Inglis, all go directly to the St. Josephs family of homes through the Broken Wings Mission.

You will swoon over Kate’s breathtaking photographs, and the fact is auctioning off a private photo session has me giving serious consideration to relocating to Nova Scotia where she lives. You’ll also find items from CMP faves like Little Alouette’s Safari set hardwood play block/teethers, the funky flashbulb necklace from Shutter Sisters, and knitter extraordinaire Rebecca Keen’s gorgeous hand-knit wool Kimono baby sweater.

All of these items have super affordable starting bids, but if you want to up the ante, check out the ski getaway in Telluride, Colorado.

Cool stuff auctioned off for Haiti

The auction ends at midnight EST on Monday, February 8th. So hurry up and get your bids in quickly. Unless you’re bidding against me, in which case, back off and find some other excellent places to put your dollars. Trust me, there’s lots to choose from.–Betsy

Check the out dozens of amazing items up for auction at To Haiti with Love.

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