Chocolate TrufflesEven though I’ve put on ten pounds just looking at all the Valentine’s Day treats that hand-crafted and artisan food marketplace Foodzie has to offer, I’m going to be an extra-good girl this week in the hopes that Cupid leaves me something delicious.

I can’t even look at those big red hearts that have been sitting on the store shelves since New Year’s Day knowing that I could instead receive fresh-made treats like the Tahitian Vanilla & Dark Chocolate Caramels from Burbank’s Have it Sweet, or the gorgeous 1OVE Raspberry Dark Chocolate Truffles from Rochester’s aptly named Hedonist (shown). You’ll also find CMP faves like John & Kira’s Ladybugs and TerraSource Gourmet Vegan Chocolates

There are even loads of Valentine’s Day gifts that have nothing to do with chocolate if your beloved would sooner swoon over some fancy teas or artisan sea salts.

Or perhaps, Bacon Toffee. Be still my heart. -Christina

Foodzie’s Valentine’s Gift Guide has loads of choices, or search on a keyword if you want a specific ingredient. But, hurry! Some shops need orders in by today in order make Valentine’s Day gift delivery