35 Things Your Teen Won't Tell You book
Why are we
talking about teens? Because every single one of your tiny bundles of joy are
going to grow up to be one, and you might as well know what you’re getting
into. Trust me, you’re
going to want to know this stuff.

In 35 Things Your Teen Won’t Tell You, So I
, Ellen Pober Rittberg gives us some tactics to use with our teens.
Some of them seem pretty common sense, like Rule 10, Use your approval and
, which I think parents generally do without thinking about it. Your
child does something you don’t like? You disapprove, right? But some of her other ideas, like Choose your battles wisely and Give
your child meaningful chores
, are really smart and provide good food for thought.

It makes all the difference in
your relationship with your teen if you are an Auto-No parent or one that
really listens before deciding. And whether you really need them to come home
because their part in taking care of the household is important or just a token
job that can be ignored.

reading the book, I was reminded of the times I took at face value what my own teen
said, just wanting to believe what she told me instead of looking a little
deeper to see what really might be
going on. It’s kind of their job at that age to create a secret life and figure
out how to take care of themselves. Any parent will find this book helpful in
navigating the difficult waters of giving your fully grown kid enough room to find their
way and enough rules to keep them safe. –Leah

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