handmade dolls
It breaks our heart when our favorite shops go out of business, for whatever reason, as with Quiet Hours Toys which is shutting its doors this spring. We’ve featured them so often over the years, always a fan of this mom-run shop’s exquisite taste in children’s toys, and commitment to supporting natural, handcrafted, and fair trade playthings of beauty.

But the silver lining to the closing is amazing discounts on everything in the shop right now – if it’s in stock it’s 40% off. You’ll find kids’ dress up clothes like hand-embroidered crowns and stunning tutus, wooden blocks, teethers and baby toys, and all kinds of beautiful play food that does not contain lead paint shipped all the way here from the Guangdong Province.

natural wooden rainbow stacking toy
I almost want to cry thinking about it. But instead, I’ll be drowning my sorrows with my kids’ beautiful new wooden play kitchen, knowing the loveliness will live on. –Liz

Save 40% with discount code “spring” on all of the beautiful in-stock (not drop shipped or custom) children’s toys at Quiet Hours Toys


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