J Crew Sylvie DressPlease help me find a First Communion dress that is a) not a bazillion dollars and b) not made out of that super scratchy cheap lace? The dress needs to be mostly white and dressy, but not too mini-bride! -Cathy

We totally get what you mean about avoiding the “mini bride” look, Cathy—some of the styles out there are way more fancy than my wedding dress!  Here are some ideas we’ve pulled for you. Hopefully this will help you find something you (and your daughter) will love.
White party dress from Soft Clothing
We reviewed Soft Clothing a little while ago, and while their Party Dress is definitely more casual than fancy, it would be a good choice if your daughter really has an issue with “scratchy”. Their girl’s dress in white could be dressed up with a nice cardigan and a pretty hair accessory like this one from HouserWallis. (Convo her and see if she could make one to match the white dress.)  At only $22, it’s a hard price to beat. 
Malley Too Dress
The Embroidered Ivory Linen Dress from Malley Too has a pretty subtle pattern running throughout and it’s on sale for just over $60 in sizes 7 & 10. 

JCrew Silk Dress
Ranging in price from the very pretty Silk Drop-Waist Dress (above) for $88, and going all the way up to the gorgeous Silk Taffeta Whimsy Petal Dress in the $200 range, J. Crew is a great spot to find a special-occasion dress for girls. Check out their entire Weddings and Parties category (Silk Taffeta Sylvie Dress shown at top of page). 

Elodie & Elvis Dress
Elodie & Elvis’ Swing Dress is one of my favorites but I could only find it in a size 8 at the Australian shop, Something Nice For Kids. It’s $129.95 AUD, but a little less for us.

Boutique Mia Dress

Something Nice For Kids also has this beautiful Boutique Mia Linen Dress in sizes 8, 10 & 12 for $110 AUD, which is nice as we edge towards spring. (No linen in February please!)

Lucy Sykes New York

Finally, we thought right away to check out Lucy Sykes New York, who should have her high-end Spring 2010 line up soon. Keep an eye on the link above – when it goes live, you may find something you love there as well. 

Hope this helps, and happy First Communion. -Christina

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