Purgood Organics bath products
Sometimes I have a major case of the Holden Caulfields when I’m looking for bath products worthy of my children.  They say “all-natural”, and I cry, Phony! Fake! Liar! and snarl at the petrolatum and mineral oil hiding behind the organic aloe vera. But not Purgood Organics, because their products are pure, good, and actually contain organic ingredients.

My favorite thing about this dynamic duo is that they don’t contain sulfates, parabens, or Pthalates. I’m an ingredients hawk, and I won’t put harsh surfactants or questionable chemicals on my own skin, much less the thinner, softer, more porous skin of my sweet baby darlings. Purgood products are also vegan friendly and free of nut oils, so they’ve covered all the picky mom bases.

The 78% organic hair and body wash is gentle on my kids’ sensitive, eczema-prone skin and smells of lovely, calming lavender.  The 89% organic lotion has just the right consistency, comes in a handy pump bottle and is unscented, yet manages to smell delightfully like lemon scones. Both products leave me 100% happy. 

Not to get too literary on you, but if I were the Catcher in the Rye, I would want to be catching kids who smelled like Purgood baby wash, and I would need plenty of lotion for myself, because that rye can be awfully drying. –Delilah

Congratulations to Kate M, lucky winner of Purgood Organics wash and lotion!


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