Cooking at home with NoTakeOutPut down that take-out menu–I’m here to tell you that yes, you can cook a complete meal without pulling out your hair.

Sure, there are a million recipe sites out there, and some of them are fantastic, but what if you want instructions on a whole meal, from what to buy to what wine goes best? Well, then you head over to NoTakeOut and start browsing.

Each meal is completely laid out from what to buy at the supermarket to what kitchen tools you’ll need. Check the prep time, bake time, and even the dessert suggestion before you get started, then start following the Game Plan which starts with handy and sometimes amusing tips like “get out pantry items” and “open the wine.” (One of my favorite directions!)

The very best part: Despite being the most comprehensive meal prep guide I’ve seen on the web thus far, NoTakeOut is absolutely free. Swoon! -Mir

Visit NoTakeOut for plenty of family recipe ideas.