Livie & Luca barcelona sandals
As if I wasn’t already wishing that Spring would get here already, I got wind of Livie & Luca’s new Spring and Summer shoe collection for children and now I’m officially begging the warm weather to arrive.

I love the chic simplicity of the Barcelona sandals (pictured), which are a nice change from the plain white and brown sandals that tend to clog our shoe bin — and really perfect for boys and girls. But I admit that I just can’t stop looking at the Petal sandals, and the Bloom, both of which would make a fabulous addition to any Easter best.

What I love most about Livie & Luca is that they’re not just good looks; their sandals are super comfortable for new and seasoned walkers, and they hold up fabulously over time. So says my youngest who will be sporting her first pair of Live & Luca hand-me-downs very soon. -Kristen

Check out the complete Spring and Summer 2010 Collection at Livie and Luca.

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