body sense fragrance free soap
I’m a strong, empowered woman, and I hate
asking for help, but…sometimes, I need help. Like when the
yogurt is pushed all the way back in the case at the store and
there’s a baby strapped to my chest. Or when I’m trying to wade through all the bogus
claims on the internet about product safety and skincare products.

Enter Body Sense, an online shop where
every bath and beauty product sold is rated between 0 and 2 for chemical risk on the EWG’s Cosmetic Safety Skindeep list–a 0-rated product containing ingredients with no known risks, and 10 being, well…eek. You’ll find products for you, your baby, your home and even your pets.

There are bath and body products at the shop from CMP favorites like Baby Bear Shop, Earth Mama Angel Baby, and Weleda, but here are a few favorites you might not know about: I’m blown away by the Sweetsation
Therapy Chamomile Bum*Bum Balm
, a calming and aromatic
diaper ointment in stick form, which means my fingers don’t have to
touch his sweet little bottom (which ain’t always so sweet). The Body Sense Fragrance Free Soap
has a lovely lather and isn’t at all drying for those of you with fragrance sensitivities. And the Purple Prairie Botanicals Nature’s Baby Organic Olive Oil Lotion (whew!) is
chock full of natural oils and smells great for the entire family.

Weleda Calendula natural body wash for babies
And I’m not going to make any medical claims here, but I can almost tell you
that someone’s cradle cap may be less crusty thanks to Nature’s
Boundaries Little Lamb Baby Massage Oil

You’ll also find a nifty little sample section so you can try out trial size products for a buck or two before committing to the big ones.

Every moment that I don’t spend reading
ingredients and checking the EWG list myself is another moment that I
can spend teaching my daughter to be empowered, too. Or just
teaching her to play Go Fish. Or both. ~Delilah

Find natural and organic products for family, pets, and
home at Body Sense,
where shipping is free for orders over $99.


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