Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab perfume - AliceToday, I positively reek of Alice. You know, Alice in Wonderland? Hottest movie of the week?  And it’s all thanks to Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab.

BPAL, as we fans call it, is a cheeky, artsy, Tim Burton-esque perfumerie offering hundreds of unique, artisan-crafted perfume oils prompted by everything from the Renaissance to Shakespeare, astrology to Neil Gaiman–including over three dozen Alice-inspired scents in their Mad Tea Party section. And these are not your typical perfumes; they’re ideas captured as scents, amazing symphonies of smell.

Although the inspirations are often a bit dark, the oils aren’t. Scents range from light florals to spicy orientals, and the site is searchable by ingredient and scent.

It’s all about getting your sexy back, mamas.

There’s also as sister shop, the Black Phoenix Trading Post, which carries the perfume lockets like the white rabbit shown here.

You can purchase oils in 5mL bottles or try them out with sample vials called Imp’s Ears (because they’re cuter than an imp’s ear, of course). Some of my all time favorites include Alice, which smells softly of vanilla and apricots; Lady MacBeth, which is redolent of rich, red wine and berries; Kitsune-Tsuki, which smells of plums and snow; and Snake Oil, which is, to quote a certain man in my life, “the sexiest thing I’ve ever smelled.”

You’ve got to love when someone sniffs the air near you and says, “what’s that smell?” But in a good way.-Delilah

Find artisanal perfumes online at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab