sailor tote from Bayan Hippo
When I’m window shopping the web, it’s always dangerous to stop on the Etsy homepage, where their editors are carefully curating millions of items down into just the very ones that I have to have. (How do they do that?)

A recent find: The bags from Bayan Hippo. The styles are modern, the cotton canvas fabrics are durable and the prices can’t be beat – most are in the $35-$47 range. There’s a lot here to covet, but really caught my eye is the roomy sailor tote bag which has that classic nautical look, only with narrow stripes for feel that’s more Hamptons than SS Pinafore. The inside pockets make it a terrific diaper bag too. In fact, I just ordered one in black and white.

Friends with summer houses? I’m ready for my invitation. –Liz

Find handmade handbags, totes, and purses at Bayan Hippo


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