TogetherBe Freehand Buckle CarrierSo here’s the dirty secret about babywearing: Different baby carriers work for different people and different babies at different times.

It’s totally subjective, and that’s why so many of us have a complete wardrobe of the darned things. But I now have a carrier that I can recommend almost universally, which makes me so excited I could almost scream like a girl.

This jack-of-all-trades is TogetherBe‘s new FreeHand Buckle Carrier, available just this week. Newborn to toddler. Front or back. Outward facing or inward facing, all ergonomically designed to support your baby’s body. And it folds down smaller than any buckle carrier I have ever seen– we’re talking smaller than a shoebox.

The smooth, suede-like fabric is easy to keep clean and works well for mom or dad, and the inside wicks moisture away from you and your sticky sweetie. Best of all, the design is so simple that you don’t make any changes to switch from front to back, out to in– no inserts, straps, or ties. I especially like the sliding chest clip, which really takes the weight off your shoulders. All that for $119.55, which is what I call a bargain.

Sleek. Practical. Lightweight. Comfortable. Ergonomic. Easy. This, my friends, is the Little Black Dress of the baby carrier world.~Delilah

Find the new FreeHand Buckle Carrier online at TogetherBe