Discovery LIFE documentary
The epic new documentary series, Discovery LIFE isn’t for everyone. I mean, surely there are people out there who just don’t like cool things. Who don’t like watching some of the most miraculous animal footage every filmed. Who would find a komodo dragon attack less interesting than, say, doing laundry.

For the rest of you, set your TIVOs and prepare to be awed.

I was fortunate enough to attend the premiere at Lincoln Center this week with the New York Pops playing the wonderful score live to picture, but even without all the spectacle, the footage is simply…spectacular. Imagine a camera crew camped out for weeks just to capture a fox stalking an ibex, flying fish actually flying through the air a full 200 yards, or a chameleon sucking a praying mantis right off a leaf several feet away. The frequent gasps from the audience were warranted. As was the rousing applause at the credits.

There are parts of Discovery LIFE that might not be ideal for those young children who would be upset by say, a cheetah successfully stalking an ostrich; it’s not gory or graphic, but this isn’t a Disnified version of nature either. For me however, there was nothing I wouldn’t show to my two and four-year olds and in fact I can’t wait to watch the series with them. They’re already in love with the preview videos on the website.

More than excited, I feel privileged that 70 brave cameramen and their production teams were willing to put themselves in harm’s way with their high speed cameras to enhance our understanding and appreciation of the creatures we share this planet with. Watch the series and I bet you agree. –Liz

Find the full schedule of the 11-part Discovery LIFE series on the Discovery Channel premiering March 21. And check out Discovery LIFE: The Game online. Fun!

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