You know that whole “kill three birds with one stone” thing? Well, Zo-li, the small company offering safe, green solutions to parenting problems, has conveniently solved three of my biggest problems with one Fedex shipment.

First of all, we have the Case of the Constant Snacker. My kid’s a bottomless pit, but we’re always on the road. Zo-li’s eco-friendly answer is the on-the-go, a cute and convenient 4-part snacking system that’s BPA and pthalate free and comes with an easy-pour spout for formula users. Retailing at $15, it also makes a great toy and one-at-a-time cereal dispenser when you’re at the optometrist.

Next, we have the Case of the Sinister Sippy. Every sippy cup I buy infuriates my son, who then throws it, whereby it lands and leaks evil into my life. Or at least warm milk. Enter Zo-li’s bot, a brilliant feat of BPA-free sippy engineering with an integrated straw/lid/handle. This is seriously the most leak-free sippy I’ve ever seen. And the straw is flexible and weighted, so it even works upside down.

zo-li baby nail clipper
Lastly, we have the Case of the Continual Clawing. My boy’s too wiggly for fingernail clippers, and he’s too old for the secretly bite them off when no one’s looking manicure. But Zo-li’s buzz b. battery operated nail trimmer (also featured in our 2010 Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Guide) has finally reduced the amount of welts on my chest by quickly and painlessly trimming those poky little talons. Before trying it, I was skeptical of using a miniature power sander on my sweet little man, but it really works, and really fast. The buzz b. comes with four different cushioned sanding pads for infants through toddlers, all packaged in a totally mod carrying case, all for $25.

I am so so happy to have found this ingenious company to be able to share it with you. And now, I would now like to publicly dare Zo-li to take on housecleaning, diaper rash, and world peace. -Delilah

You can purchase these and many more innovations at Zo-li’s website, or check out their store locator to ogle the helpful cuteness in person.


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