Kids' wooden desk set from midesk
There isn’t a single thing not to like about the functional design of these groovy desk/chair pairings from midesk, from their hand-crafted here in the USA wooden cut-outs to the non-toxic paints used to finish them.

These desks are a marvel of storage — the chairs have two shelves tucked inside the base — and they’re sized just right for small scholars. On top of that, they take up remarkably little space, when the chairs are tucked neatly into the desks.

So, sure, love them for all of that, but prepare to really love them: For every ten desks and chairs sold, midesk will donate one to a local school or charity. Kind of like One Laptop Per Child, only with something to put those laptops on. One more handy little perk: Get $10 off your purchase with proof of good grades. That certainly ups the feel-good factor, as well as making the cost a little easier to justify. -Mir

Buy these children’s desk sets online from midesk.

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