totseatSure, dining involves more crayons than caviar for my family these days. But it seems like every restaurant’s high chairs are missing straps, are wobbly, are sized for a preschool linebacker, and/or spackled with nasty goo. Besides, my boy can wriggle out of every one of them faster than a greased octopus.

The Totseat is therefore my new best friend, and will probably be yours too. This cleverly made portable high chair fits any chair from Eames to Ikea, and safely wrangles wigglers from about eight months to 2 1/2.  It’s so easy to use: Slip the sturdy cotton seat back over the chair back, tighten, add child, buckle securely, tighten, add Goldfish crackers.

Got a backless chair? The velcro on the back of the Totseat takes care of it. Plus it squashes down easily into a
handy carrying bag–and I promise you don’t need a minor in Origami to
get it in there.

Of course, as with any high chair,  it’s still possible for determined kids to escape, so use your best judgment. Still, I’ve tried it out at several different restaurants, and my family prefers it to the wooden high chairs. Besides, with our highchair Houdini bellied up to the table like every other family member, he’s less likely to squirm in the first place.~Delilah

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