The Baby Effect charity donation websiteSure, it’s awesome to be gifted all kinds of needed gear and cute outfits when you’re having a baby. We’re the first to tell you that! But maybe you’re doing well enough to afford all of that stuff on your own. Or maybe this is your second (or third or fourth) baby. Or maybe you just hold children-focused charities near and dear to your heart.

If that’s the case, head on over to The Baby Effect to print out little enclosure cards explaining that you believe that every birth represents a chance to make a better world for the next generation–and as such, in lieu of gifts you’d love it if the recipient would consider making a donation intended to help children in need.

Donors are directed to the Baby Effect website, where they can select which child-centric charity they’d like, and then on through to Global Giving to complete their donation. You get notification cards from Global Giving, a running total from Baby Effect, and the knowledge that you’ve helped other babies who really need it. It’s a fantastic way to do good and avoid receiving 16 receiving blankets. -Mir

Register for charitable baby gifts at The Baby Effect