Mommy Prayers book by Tracy Mayor
The short, tongue-in-cheek “prayers” you’ll find in Tracy Mayor’s Mommy Prayers are perfect for believers and non-believers alike. Because no matter our faith, we can all agree that yes, we’ve all recited some version of the Before the Meltdown prayer–you know, the one that ends with a desperate plea to just please please please please let us get to the parking lot before all hell breaks loose.

It shouldn’t surprise me that a Brain, Child magazine editor like Mayor brings a cheeky we’ve-all-thought-it-even-if-we-haven’t-said-it approach to the parental quest for serenity. This is the perfect gift for every new mom, every struggling mom, every mom of any conviction who may need a humorous reminder that she’s not the only one who sometimes prays–not for peace, but for a single uninterrupted hour of sleep. -Mir

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