Custom family tree art print from Cozy Blue on EtsyTraditional family trees may be great for tracing your family’s history back several generations, but this handmade custom family tree print from the Cozy Blue shop on Etsy is anything but your traditional family tree. Mainly because it only features your little branch, with your little sprouts.

Each print starts with an original drawing of a tree stump with you and your SigOth’s names on the inside surrounded by hand carved rubber leaf stamps with your kids’ names. Or, since you can add up to 6 leaves (sorry Octomom), you even have one made for a grandparent.

Printed on heavy-stock watercolor paper, the color palette of these fine art prints are absolutely beautiful, with the subtle variations that lets everyone know this is definitely not some poster you picked up at a mall kiosk.

They’re only $28 and come ready-to-frame, so I can’t imagine a more perfect Mother’s Day gift. Just bear in mind that each custom family tree print is made-to-order, so if you want it for May 9th you’d better order soon. Like immediately. But hey, if you miss the Mother’s Day deadline, it makes a great Father’s Day gift too. -Betsy

Order your custom family tree print at the Cozy Blue shop on Etsy.

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