seersucker baby one piece
Would someone I know please get married soon? And while you’re at it, lend me a baby boy to bring? Not because I actually want to carry around a baby at a wedding (what if I leave him on the buffet table when I put him down to get seconds on lasagna?) but because I feel the urgent need to see a baby boy wearing this: The seersucker baby one-piece from CMP favorite Velvet and Tweed.

The ivory top is linen, the seersucker bottom is a pale blue and white stripe, and every inch of it is calling for a chubby-kneed little baby boy prepared to suck all the air out of any room he’s in.

It doesn’t even have to be a wedding. I bet a Mother’s Day brunch would be just fine.

While you’re at the shop, don’t miss other squee-inducing new arrivals, like this adorable baby butterfly dress or coordinated shoulder-tie tank. It’s fashioned from the same fancypants Liberty of London designer fabric that my own former designer mom used to make a summer dress for my girls. C’mon, get one…Our girls will be twinsies. –Liz

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