origami mother's day cardsDespite our incredible devotion to tracking down the most awesome Mother’s Day gifts around here, we recognize that not every family is gift-y. Sometimes it’s indeed the thought that counts, and that a beautiful card inscribed with a heartfelt sentiment goes a long way.

The origami dress Mother’s Day cards from Kitty Kat Kards are just the thing to make more of a statement than your typical off-the-shelf card. Each of the three dresses are hand folded with love in Maryland, and subtle rhinestones are the finishing touch.

It would be the perfect accompaniment to a donation to her favorite charity. But really, all it’s missing is the perfect gushy note from you. Come on, we know you can do it. –Liz

Find the beautiful origami Mother’s Day cards online at Kitty Kat Kards on Etsy.