Bear Feet Handmade Leather Kid's Sandals
My search for the ultimate summer sandal is on thanks to the early 80-degree weather here in the South, and I think I might have found it in Bear Feet shoes.

The simple, versatile styling instantly caught my eye, and as I clicked around their site, I was intrigued by their unique construction that actually allows the shoes to mold to your kiddo’s foot. That’s important for all kids, but especially for mine who have super hard-to-fit, slender feet.

But even more interesting to me was learning how Bear Feet shoes are made. This company takes great care in their manufacturing process, hand-constructing each pair from upper to sole, completely in the USA (wow!). Plus they feature eco-conscious rubber and petroleum-free soles and the leather comes only from animals that have not been hunted or raised for their skin.

If you’re thinking hmm, all that amazingness will probably be reflected in the price — then you’d be right. But we can all dream. Or beg Grandma. Or hit the sale section. -Kristen

Check out the gorgeous baby and kids’ shoes at Bear Feet. And make sure to check back to their last call section, where you can snag amazing deals on some of these lovely shoes.

Congratulations to Colleen P, lucky winner of the Bearlerina shoes!


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