Plan Toys Breakfast MenuIn theory, I love getting breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day, but nothing sends my nerves into overdrive like seeing a toddler wobble into my carpeted bedroom with a tray full of orange juice, sticky syrup and things with crumbs. Instead, I think I’ll leave the carrying of messy stuff in the hands of my capable Significant Other, but love that the littlest ones can still get in the act with Plan Toys’ Breakfast Menu play set

The adorable tray of food comes complete with eggs, bacon, and even salt-and-pepper shakers. And if your toddler bellies up to “eat” with you, you can rest assured that the organic rubberwood and non-toxic finishes on the play food are safe for pretending. Although if your kids are anything like mine, they’ll “help” you eat your real breakfast too. –Christina

Get Plan Toys’ Breakfast Menu play set in time for Mother’s Day from Urth Child.