Recycled sterling silver keepsake rings at Heart and Stone JewelryI have a thing for rings, so when I first saw these recycled sterling silver stacking rivet rings from the very talented Julie Booras of Heart and Stone Jewelry I was immediately drawn to them for all of the obvious reasons. But I realized that — while getting your rings personalized with your kids’ names is very nice and all — part of what I really liked about them was the ability to wear one, two, or three as the mood struck. And so getting them with my kids’ names was not going to fit the bill. (Imagine that argument: “Mom loves me more, she’s wearing my name today!” Oy.)

So yes, absolutely, get your kids’ names if that’s what suits your fancy. Me, I’m thinking of three words I love that work together and apart. Wearing all three rings will look like a mod, chunky statement piece, or when you’re feeling a little more subtle, just grab one or two. Either way, you’ll always get compliments. -Mir

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