You know, you think a block is a block is a block. Then something like Tegu comes around and suddenly those regular blocks your kids play with just seem you know…like regular blocks.

If you haven’t heard of Tegu, they’re the eco-friendly, Honduran-made building blocks with magnets inside. Which means your kids can be creative as they want to be, unhindered by either boring gravity or 90-degree angles. The blonde hardwood cubes and planks themselves are simple and beautifully smooth and the appeal is remarkable–my three year-old is as captivated as a seven year-old friend.

They’re not cheap–prices are comparable to very good handmade wooden block sets–but wow, they’re amazing. And the cost hasn’t stopped the demand; Tegu now is only just back after a 2,500 person waiting list for a set.

I’m also in love with Tegu’s authentic commitment to social and ecological action. In fact, the whole company was set up as a way to help support the economy and people of Honduras. Every time you buy a set of blocks, you’re asked specify whether you want to plant 12 trees with your purchase through an NGO, or fund a whole day of school for a child who would otherwise be working in a trash dump there.

Bless you Tegu.

Eco-friendly building blocks from Tegu are available at their site, or from our affiliate Amazon